City Council Positions:

• I ran for city council and was first elected as the Pungo Borough representative in 1978. I served as vice mayor from 1982 to 1984. During that era, my platform centered around controlled/smart growth, protecting the agricultural industry and the rural area, and protecting Back Bay and its waters. I was a major supporter of building our schools, roads, and infrastructure in advance of development, and of developing our own water supply. I served on city council until 1990.

• I was re-elected in 1994 and brought forward the Agricultural Reserve Program for adoption and implementation. As of today, we have preserved almost 10,000 acres for agriculture.

• I served until 2002. During that time, I championed the Open Space Program which has been highly successful in protecting numerous properties, particularly in the northern part of the city. I also shepherded the Sandbridge Sand Replenishment program, which allowed for the creation of the SSD and TIF, and which has preserved this shoreline for the people of Sandbridge and the city of Virginia Beach.

• I ran for re-election in 2006 because I was greatly concerned about the development practices that had been adopted and were being instituted below the Green Line in the Transition Area. Trying to deal with that area in a manner more consistent with smart growth practices has been much of my focus during this time.

• My long concern about Back Bay and the North Landing River has been made even more relevant now with our attention to sea level rise and recurrent flooding. I am particularly now working to establish a partnership among all of the stakeholders in the Albemarle Watershed, the watershed for 66% of our city.